How can Brolii help you?

Brolii was created to make the life of a contractor, freelancer or temporary worker as hassle-free as possible. When using our umbrella service you can take on the work, without the stress of creating and running your own limited company and the legislative nightmare of becoming self-employed.

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An umbrella company works as an intermediary between you and the company you contract for. You are employed by the umbrella company and the umbrella company handles all of the legal paperwork and your accounting administration so you can get on with what you do best.

Are you an agency?

When you work with a contractor, freelancer or temporary worker from Brolii, you will know that they have undergone at least six months of real project work for real clients and we only work with contractors who are truly exceptional. So when you have a client that needs a certain set of skills, and we put one of our guys forward for the position, you can rest assured that they will be of the highest quality.

You can forget about the potential liabilities for the contractor if they have underpaid on their tax and national insurance contributions. We pay our contractors using PAYE so all tax and national insurance is taken care of.

And with our overarching employment contract terms, we make the Agency Worker Regulations that bit easier to deal with.

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