About Brolii

When I started Brolii, I wanted to offer a service which allows contractors, freelancers and temporary workers to concentrate on their next assignment rather than worrying about the legislative minefield that is being self-employed, and the administration & paperwork of running your own business.

I have been in the same boat as many others. I was a contractor for many years and found myself concentrating on staying on the correct side of HMRC with IR35 and MSC legislation, being a “part-time bookkeeper” and filing tax returns rather than what I do best.

So, I decided to do something about this problem. I created Brolii with the aim to solve each of the problems a contractor, freelancer or temporary worker faces when making that leap into self-employment.

Working with Brolii, whether you are an contractor or an agency, means working with a team which makes your life much simpler and ensures compliance with all relevant legislation.

Paul Cotterell